kill your darlings, they said.

i stared into your galaxy eyes
and floated amongst your Jupiter moons
hoping that i wouldn’t have to shatter those rings
that adorned your alluring iris.

we swam in a glass of rosé;
i felt your intoxicating scent permeate my soul
and my tears formed dewdrops upon your dianthus lips.

kill your darlings.

i hewed your sturdy fir, sending it through fire and flames
as you deserved nothing less than a bow that’s been through hell and back;
and heaving the weight of my heart upon the stake i made,
i strung the bow with a lock of my own hair
plucking it like a harp to ease you.

my mind’s perfect speech trickled out of my quivering mouth
in spurts of choked up phonemes, as i aimed at your heart

but before i could send my arrow screaming toward you

Eros shot us both.